Fractal Design Core 2500 Case Review

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While Fractal Design is a relative newcomer to the computer case industry it has been a phenomenal success. With help from master Modder’s and Case designers from Fractal themselves they have achieved a popularity status that most case companies that have been around much longer have lusted over from their inception.

So what has been the secret to Fractal Design’s enigmatic and skyrocketing success?

Well first is the way the design elements that Fractal Designs prioritizes in all their computer cases and materials. It is this reviewer’s opinion that Fractal Design has bridged a gap in the ability to appeal to both the Enthusiast and Novice builders almost at an equal rating. The very fact that Fractal Design uses all steel construction in their parts including internal drive bays and drive drawers keep costs down and they use rubber grommets to keep the delicate electronics both electrically Insulated and sound isolated. The point of not using the usual plastic keeps down on returns due to breakage and keeps another supplier out of the loop completely, saving money and helping to keep the quality control at a constant level.

Second is their ability to work hand in hand with Professional Case Modders and Scratch build Modders to employ the latest advancements in All-in-One Radiator design, Custom Loop Cooling Design and the average user’s need for advanced air flow and multiple fan sizes. Not much emphasis has been placed on shape and style of the cases, but this is not Fractal’s key to success. This being said the Fractal Cases are not unattractive by any standard, but they are usually black and boxy and they still have that graceful strength that most case lovers are looking for. This less priority on style and wow factor is not a bad thing because companies like Lian Li and SiverStone have excelled in this way for decades.

Thirdly and probably most importantly is the “Bang for the Buck” aspect of the Fractal Design Line of computer cases. They exceed standards that other companies have almost ignored and throughout this new direction of a better global price equilibrium for a more growing world market, Fractal Design has done just that without sacrificing material quality and superior design and gives what you more than a buyer would expect out of any of the cases that Fractal Design makes. In essence Fractal Design cases are not engineered to brake your pocket or kill a credit card limit but instead to give the buyer a quality and excellence that actually exceeds the monetary value of the case itself.

With these factors in mind, I would like to get on with this review of Fractal Designs newest entries into the Econo-Class market, The CORE 2500; and later the Fractal Design CORE 1500 review coming soon.


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