Fractal Design Core 2500 Case Review

Final thoughts for the Fractal Design Core 2500
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In the end I could nitpick the Fractal Design CORE 2500 to death with the untapped holes for the motherboard standoffs or the back ssd placement or the rear wire management clearances but they are all small potatoes considering the overall build quality and steel that is in every Fractal Design that I have ever used. They are remarkably good cases and can be a case that you can depend on for a very long time to come.

Overall I really liked the Fractal Design in spite of the flaws that I came across. The Fractal Design CORE 2500 Mid-tower case, was easy to build into with the addition to a little forethought and I didn’t have to move things around at all to make everything fit right. The back of the motherboard tray is just enough space for your fan connectors and a few SATA power cables if need-be but the fact that there is no window does mean that you don’t have to be an artist at wire management since only you or your closest friends will ever see inside it so I count that as a blessing with this case, because of the 11mm of space of wire space in the read of the motherboard tray.

The case paint is great and the plastic is pure Fractal Design. Even if this case is the Econo-case class, I have to say this is one that I would buy if I was in the market for a economy gaming case. It has a great look and a great air flow and it’s a Fractal Design and most people that own a Fractal Design case know that it’s hard to trade cases after you have had one. They seem to have no equal because they hold up and perform so well and quiet.

In this review I would have to give this case an 8 out of 10, but I have to say that for an econo-class case, this one is one of the best I have seen in build quality, engineering and looks. Overall quality of the parts are very typical of any Fractal Design on the market which makes it a leader in the economy class field and I would recommend the Fractal Design CORE 2500 Mid-Tower case to anyone looking for a gaming case on a shoe string budget. Right now you can pick up the Core 2500 at my favorite online retailer for only $49.99!

– Great Design
– Good air flow for cooling
– Build quality of the rolled steel is superb
– The case side panels are easy to remove and replace
– The triple fan controller is a great addition

– Only 11mm of wire management clearance behind the motherboard tray.
– Untapped stand off holes are hard to tighten and fit
– Rear SSD placement is behind the power supply making it hard to replace or upgrade later on.

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