Fractal Design Core 2500 Case Review

As packaging goes we find that the Fractal Design CORE 2500 comes with the wrap around designed box that actually gives a tighter and more compacted surroundings. The corrugated box is double ply paper box material with the Fractal Design Logo the series and a basic picture of the case inside it.

front box

The back has an internal graphic and diagram of the case and the features of this particular case.

back box 2

The sides gives the almost universal hand hold that line up with the internal Styrofoam housing inside to help in lifting and carrying the box to the area to unpack it. There are Specifications and more information about the water cooling abilities of this case that actually give three different placements for different types and styles of Radiator that will fit. On the other side you find another internal view of the case with the Model Number, serial number, EAN and UPC bar codes.

side box

Opening the box is the same universal procedure that 99% of the rest of the cases around the World uses with a very tight fit and a bottom to top configuration inside the box. So if you open the top of the box you will find the front of the case.

open box

The Styrofoam housing is high impact and very strongly made and again very tight around the case for keeping it in new condition no matter the delivery guys day is going.

styro wrap

The plastic that surrounds the Fractal Design CORE 2500 mid tower case is made of LDPE 4 and has a very good strength for keeping humidity and chemicals from getting to the case no matter if the case is left in the rain for a few days on the front porch.

Plastic Wrap

Lastly is the Accessories box that is packed tightly in one of the hard drive bays to keep it from moving around or damaging the inside of the case during shipping.

Accessories Box

Contents of the Accessories box:
Box Contents

Overall with my GOOD BETTER BEST rating for shipping and packaging I would have to give this case the Best seal of approval for the case that is contained. It really is a tough case but it also is packaged for all kinds of abuse and weather and is certain to land on your doorstep in the way that Fractal Design intended you to receive it.

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