Corsair H100i GTX Liquid CPU Cooler Review

With the packaging removed we find three basic components. The cooler itself, the fans, and a bag containing all the installation parts and accessories.

Corsair H100i GTX

For accessories Corsair has included a full complement of hardware for installation in every modern Intel or AMD socket. Also included is a usb connector for use with the Corsair Link software that we’ll talk about more later. And of course there are mounting screws and washers for both fans and the radiator.


Looking closely at the fans we find they are a pair of PWM controlled 120mm high static pressure twins. They are Corsair model S120L and are designed specifically to deliver high static pressure and large volumes of air thanks to the blade design. Additionally the overall design is intended to be very quiet during operation.

Corsair H100i GTX

Moving to the cooler itself we find a good sized matte black radiator paired via large diameter sleeved tubing to a new low profile pump. The tubing is generous in length and connects to the pump via a pair of swivel connectors that are hidden inside the pump housing. Also connected to the pump are two sets of wires, one a 3 pin for power, the other a fan connector with a splitter for both fans.

Corsair H100i GTX Corsair H100i GTX

The radiator as mentioned is a 240mm unit painted in a nice flat matte black. The sides are finished with recessed silver strips that have the Corsair logo on one end that looks really nice. Apart from looks, we have a pretty standard AIO radiator with a thickness of 30mm that has a dense fin per inch count. This style radiator will likely benefit from a higher rpm fan speed.

Corsair H100i GTX

Lastly we have the pump itself. This is a new pump design that we’ve not seen before. It’s low profile design and really does a good job of hiding all the connectors. The top is finished with a silver strip like the radiator and has hidden LED lighting. Around the sides of the pump are different connectors. On one side you will find a standard Mini-USB connector for software monitoring. Turn the pump and you find the power wires protruding from a single opening.

Corsair H100i GTX Corsair H100i GTX Corsair H100i GTX Corsair H100i GTX

When we remove the large plastic star shaped cup that protects the base of the pump we find a medium polish copper base with pre-installed thermal paste. The pump comes with the Intel bracket already installed.

Corsair H100i GTX