Corsair K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Usage & Final Thoughts

When we come down to the end of this review we have another great product from Corsair. It would be extremely hard for them to mess up a K95 product it really would. The design of the keyboard, which is one of the best features has not really changed all that much since the first K95. Again as I’ve said if something is not broke do not fix it! So we have that same iconic design, which feels and looks great, but what has Corsair done to really set this keyboard apart from previous K95’s and other flagship gaming keyboards out there?

Well we do have the new AXON SoC that powers the keyboard. This enables the K100 RGB to have a polling rate of 4000 Hz or 0.25ms. This means that the K100 gives gamers the absolute fastest and most responsive keyboard experience. Now is that something you are really going to notice? For average gamers, more than likely no, but it is nice knowing the K100 RGB has the fastest response time currently available.

Corsair has also created their own optical-mechanical switches (OPX). The move to optical switches is becoming more mainstream and it is good to see Corsair adopt them. Like most optical switch makers Corsair has designed the OPX switches to mimic the feel of a mechanical switch so you are not losing anything there, but you are gaining speed and accuracy as well as no debounce time. The OPX switches felt very responsive as well as fast. They were comfortable to use and felt like I was using something similar to a Cherry MX speed switch. They do have standard Cherry MX stems so you can add you own custom keycaps if you want. Optical not your thing? Corsair will be offering this keyboard with Cherry MX speed switches as well.

Another new addition to this keyboard is the iCUE Control wheel. It is a great way to add extra functionality to the keyboard without adding extra space to the keyboard. For me I use the iCUE control wheel mainly when editing videos, but it is fully programmable so you can really set it to do whatever you want.

We have PBT double-shot keycaps, which we saw on the K95 RGB Platinum XT and feel amazing. The palm rest has been changed and feels good. We have more RGB lighting. The G-keys can also control Stream Deck actions which again was added on the K95 RGB Platinum XT.

Corsair will be selling the K100 RGB at our favorite online retailer for $229.99. As a new buyer you are not going to be disappointed in the K100 RGB, it really is an excellent keyboard. If you are say a K95 RGB Platinum XT owner there really is not much that would justify upgrading to this keyboard, at least not to me. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Corsair K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

– Solid design
– LOTS of RGB lighting
– AXON SoC enabling 4000 Hz polling rate
– OPX switches feel and perform great
– iCUE control wheel is a nice addition
– PBT double-shot keycaps
– Can save up to 200 profiles on the keyboard

– Upgrading from the K95 RGB Platinum XT does not make sense

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