Corsair M55 RGB PRO Mouse Review


Corsair’s iCUE application has been around for a while, and is their inclusive application that is used to configure and customize your Corsair peripherals and devices. The M55 RGB PRO is fully compatible with iCUE, and we want to point out a few highlights and features available on this mouse in the software.


As you can see, we have a few Corsair devices connected to our system, including the M55 RGB PRO. iCUE can utilize multiple profiles, depending on your needs, but for this review, we have kept to our default configuration. From this home page, we can select the device we want to configure by clicking on its product image to the right.

iCUE 01


With the M55 RGB PRO now selected, we gain access to four configuration options along the left side of the application window. The first, ACTIONS, allows you to create custom key stroke sequences and macros, and then assign them to various buttons on the M55. Everything from remapping of keys, profile switching, application launching, and button disabling is available in this menu.

iCUE 02


The second option, LIGHTING EFFECTS, offers control over the RGB LED-illuminated Corsair logo at the rear of the M55. The lighting options range from a simple static color, to rainbow, color pulse, color shift, spiral rainbow, and more. Obviously, some of the more advanced options don’t make much sense with the M55 alone, as it has one true lighting effect area. However, when paired up with additional RGB products from Corsair, the lighting synchronization across devices is pretty cool. And while the small DPI indicator light on the top of the mouse can have a custom color, the lighting effects in this portion of the menu do not effect this light. This is a bit of a letdown, considering that you can actually see this light when using the mouse.

iCUE 03


The DPI menu allows you to configure five different DPI settings, which can then be cycled through via the top-mounted DPI button. Ranging from 200 to 12,400 DPI, the PixArt PAW3327 optical sensor offers plenty of range from top to bottom. Each DPI setting can also have a custom color assigned to it, which is visually indicated by the LED on top of the mouse. There is also a sixth sensitivity setting, Sniper, but as the M55 RGB PRO does not offer a sniper button, it is not utilized here. Additionally, each DPI setting can be enabled or disabled, allowing you to switch between two DPI settings very quickly, as opposed to having to cycle through the rest of the options.

iCUE 04


The PERFORMANCE menu offers the ability to toggle the M55’s enhanced pointer precision, as well as the acceleration speed of the pointer.

iCUE 05


In addition to the settings available in the previous menus, there is also a settings tab at the top of iCUE that gives us a few more options for the M55. It is in this menu that you can enable the M55’s left handed mode. You would think this option would be placed in a more prominent spot in the application, especially when since this is touted as an ambidextrous product. Additionally, you can enable all side buttons, as by default, the opposite side’s buttons are disabled by default, as to reduce unwanted button presses. The polling rate can also be adjusted in this settings menu, as can the LED brightness and the device color within iCUE. This color option has us wondering if a white model will be an option in the future.

iCUE 06