Corsair NIGHTSWORD RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Software and Lights
Corsair is of course using their iCUE software for this mouse, which will make it very easy to customize things. iCUE encompasses all of Corsair’s products now so if you are using a Corsair product you should be pretty familiar with it. When you first open the software you will be brought to the Home screen, which will list all of your Corsair devices.

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When you click on the NIGHTSWORD RGB icon you will be brought into the actions section. Here you can add different actions to the mouse by clicking the “+” button. By default when you click that it will go into create a macro, but there is a drop-down where you can select which type of action you want to create. You can create macros, have text, media controls, launch applications, switch profiles, remap the button, or completely disable the button.

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The next tab is Lighting. This mouse offers four different lighting zones (front, scroll, logo, and rear). Here you can set the colors / effects for each zone or easily have them all do the same thing.

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Overall I think the lighting on this mouse looks great. There is just enough lighting on the mouse for it to look good sitting on your desk, but it is not overdone.

Corsair NIGHTSWORD RGB Gaming Mouse Corsair NIGHTSWORD RGB Gaming Mouse Corsair NIGHTSWORD RGB Gaming Mouse Corsair NIGHTSWORD RGB Gaming Mouse

Moving down to the DPI tab you can set the three different DPI levels for the mouse as well as the “Sniper” DPI level. Remember you can configure these from 100 to 18,000 in one DPI increments. You also can set the indication colors.

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Under Performance you can turn angle snapping on and off, turn enhanced pointer precision on or off, set the pointer speed, and set the profile indication color.

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Surface Calibration allows you to calibrate the mouse to your specific gaming surface. I would highly recommend you do this before you start gaming with the NIGHTSWORD RGB.

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Finally there is Weight Tuning. This will accurately detect the total mass of the mouse and what weights are installed. I tested it and it is quite accurate.

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There are a few more settings hidden in the main “Settings” menu. Here you can set the pooling rate, RGB brightness, clear the onboard storage, and check / update firmware. I feel that the pooling rate should be under performance and brightness of course should be under the lighting section.

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