Cougar 500K Gaming Keyboard Review

Software & Illumination
The Cougar 500K will work right out of the box with no issues, but if you want to be able to customize it you will need to download Cougar’s UIX software. Once the software is installed and you open it up the main page allows you to change the polling rate, N-key rollover, repeat delay, and repeat rate acceleration. You can also run a repeat rate test and change between the three different profiles.


The next tab is key assignment. Here you can remap the entire keyboard if you like. You can also set up the shortcuts or macros for the G-keys.


The Macro manage is extremely easy to use and makes creating and saving macros a breeze. Remember you can also record macros on the fly if you want.


Finally the last tab is lighting control. Here you can set 5 different illumination levels for the keyboard. There is also a breathing mode.


Talking about illumination here is what the keyboard looks like with the illumination turned all the way up. Definitely not the brightest that we have seen.

Cougar 500K Gaming Keyboard

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