Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Review

Software & Lighting
The first thing you are going to want to do when you plug the 600M into your PC is download Cougar’s UIX sfotware. The mouse will work fine without it, but to customize your mouse you will need this software. Once you install the software the first thing it is going to do is detect your mouse and then upgrade the firmware on the mouse to the latest version. I really like this as it keep your mouse up to date.

Cougar UIX

When you first open the UIX software you will be brought into the performance section. Here you can set the four DPI Modes. These modes can be cycled through using the up and down buttons on the center of the mouse. In the performance section you can also set the Sniper DPI setting, polling rate, angle snapping, light height, double click speed, scroll speed and Windows pointer speed. There are also three different set profiles, you have the ability to edit all three and add more if you like. The first three profiles are actually saved on the mouse.

Cougar UIX

Moving on to the key assignment tab, here is where you can program all 8 buttons on the mouse. You can choose between basic, advanced and macro commands. Here you can also create your own macros or even import macros.

Cougar UIX

Lighting control of course lets you control the lighting on the mouse. You are able to change the LED strip on the left side of the mouse to any color you would like. You can also have the LED strip have a breathing effect or turn the LED strip completely off. Here are a few photos of different LED colors on the mouse.

Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse

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