Cougar Announces the QBX Compact Case

Cougar has announced a brand new case in their QBX chassis. This small form factor case was designed to fit great hardware inside as well as quite a lot of cooling. The official size specifications of the case are 178 x 260 x 368 mm, but you still have room inside for long high-end graphics cards, five hard drives, a slim ODD drive and a 140 mm long power supply.

Cougar QBX

With all of that great hardware inside you do need proper cooling, especially in such a compact case. Cougar has you covered as you can install up to 7 fans inside and watercooling radiators up to 240 mm. The PSU mount also has its own independent airflow so it does not effect other parts of the case.

Cougar QBX

One of the really cool features is an internal panel that flips up. This internal panel can hold hard drives and watercooling equipment. You can see many of the other features explained below.


The Cougar QBX will be available in late April, no pricing details were released. Check out the product page for more information.

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