Counter-Strike 1.6 Now Playable on Android Phones

Counter-Strike 1.6 was at one time of the most popular shooters in the world and really started the whole team-based competitive gaming scene. Well it now looks like you will be able to relive Counter-Strike 1.6 in all of its glory on your Android phone! It is a straight port over to Android so it should be pretty authentic.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Android

Now of course since this is being played on a phone or tablet the screen is filled with touchscreen icons, so gameplay might take a while to get used to. But if you have a mobile controller gameplay should be pretty smooth. Also with the flexibility of Android you can likely connect a keyboard and mouse. Check out the gameplay video below.

To get Counter-Strike 1.6 an your Android device you will need to have Xash 3D Android pre-installed and you’ll need to move some files around. Check out the Github page for all of the details.

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