Critical Amenities to Look for in an Apartment When You’re a Gamer

Gaming is a way of life. Some gamers spend all their spare time entering new worlds and connecting with their friends online. These game spaces are an important part of a gamer’s life. Additionally, some gamers leverage their game time to earn extra cash. It might be your side-gig, or it could be raking in a full-time income. When you’re apartment hunting, it means that there are some critical features that you need to ensure you get the uninterrupted game-time you need. Here are some things to watch for when you’re a gamer who needs a new apartment.

Good Soundproofing

Are you one of those gamers who stays up late to play and sleeps during the day? You’ll need good soundproofing between apartment units. Some apartments are so poorly insulated or soundproofed that you can hear a whisper next door. This doesn’t bode well for the gamer who needs to chat with others in the game and might get a little rowdy. You don’t need midnight knocks on the door from your neighbors telling you to quiet down or visits from the cops for being too loud after hours. Finding an apartment that boasts good soundproofing would be to your benefit.

Extra Rooms

Store all your gaming gear in one secure location in your apartment. While some people are perfectly fine using the living room for their game time, others like more privacy especially when they live with other people. Having an extra room like an office or spare bedroom can be the perfect location for setting up your technology. It gives you the freedom to spread out, use multiple screens, and put your game gear just the way you like it.

Secure Package Retrieval

Have you ever had a porch pirate steal a piece of equipment you’ve been waiting weeks for? It’s not fun. Secure package retrieval either in the office or in apartment package lockers are a must. The great thing about lockers is they can usually be placed in a location where you can access it 24/7. The postal service can leave packages there and you can pick them up when it’s convenient for you, whether the office if open. It’s one important factor to consider because you don’t want your expensive items to get stolen when you live in an apartment.

High-Speed Internet

This one is critical. Don’t even consider apartments that don’t offer high speed internet or fiber optic internet. While broadband might be okay for streaming Netflix and working from home, it may not have the ability to handle heavy gaming. You need something with lightning-fast upload and download speeds so you don’t experience any lag time in your game play. This can get awkward especially if you’re recording for Twitch or YouTube. Your followers do not want to see lag, they want your videos to have a seamless experience. Too much lag means you’re more likely to lose followers.

Window Coverings

Why window coverings? Well, it keeps people from being able to see in late at night, and it offers privacy so others can’t see all the equipment you have in your apartment. Keeping your windows wide open is like an invitation for thieves. The privacy and improved security you gain by having window coverings like mini blinds is priceless. Additionally, if you sleep during the day, you’ll want to hang blackout curtains to ensure you get the rest you need.


Gamers need specific amenities when they live in an apartment. These amenities ensure they can play to their hearts’ content and live safely and privately in their home. It also ensures they won’t be a nuisance to neighbors.