Crowdfunded Pressure Campaign For Half Life 3 Hits IndieGogo

It looks like people really want Half Life 3. A new project has hit the IndieGogo crowdfunding site seeking $150,000 to pressure Valve into finishing the “game we’ve dreamed about for all these years”. The money raised will not go to any type of game development, but for a media blitz that will target Valve and its employees.

Half Life 3 Billboard

The IndieGogo project was created by two ad-agency interns, Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei. The duo is seeking $150,000 for this media blitz, but at the time of writing they have only raised $1,089. This unconventional campaign does have a tired goal system, which the levels are explained below.

– $3,000: All 300 employees of Valve will be targeted by a Google Adwords campaign with the message “WE WANT HALF-LIFE 3”.
– $9,000: A mobile billboard truck will “besiege Valve HQ in Bellevue, Washington” to urge Valve to out HL3.
– $45,000: Another Valve HQ siege will take place, this time with “a bunch of Gabe Newells” (lookalikes) trying to sneak into Valve HQ and push of the HL3 development/release.
– $150,000: the “Most Epic Concert EVER” will be organised where Half Life fans will listen to “some of the biggest names in video game music”.

Do you think that this is the correct way to get Valve’s attention for Half Life 3? Would you fund this project?

Source: IndieGogo | News Archive

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