Crucial Is Ready To Launch DDR5 SODIMM With 12GB Capacity

DDR5 memory was initially introduced in configurations of 8GB, 16GB, and later 32GB modules. After a year, Intel and AMD enabled support for non-binary modules, offering capacities of 24GB or even 48GB, resulting in non-standard memory configurations in modern systems. More recently, 64GB modules have become accessible for enthusiasts, and it appears that another option, a 12GB module, may soon be available.


The initial memory to accommodate this capacity comes from Crucial laptop memory, featuring a default speed of 5600 MT/s. As per the product description, this memory is compatible with 5200 and 4800 MT/s modes, depending on the platform’s support.

The company provides two options: either a single module or a kit consisting of two modules.

– Crucial 12GB DDR5 5600MHz (CT12G56C46S5): £44.99
– Crucial 24GB Kit (2x12GB) DDR5 5600MHz (CT2K12G56C46S5): £87.99


With the utilization of these modules, individuals can now achieve a total memory capacity of 12GB or 24GB in a new laptop system equipped with either one or two SO-DIMM slots, respectively. Systems with four SO-DIMM interfaces could support a capacity of 48GB.

As per the product page, Crucial 12GB modules are set to be available starting from March 31st.

Source: Amazon UK