Crucial Launches DDR5 6000 MHz Pro DIMMs For $166

When Crucial discontinued its Ballistix gaming brand, it left uncertainty about the possibility of the company introducing premium products in the future, despite not explicitly denying it. In May of this year, Crucial unveiled its Pro series of memory, which fell short of meeting the expectations of our readership accustomed to a much higher caliber of RAM. This disappointment stemmed largely from Crucial’s adherence to JEDEC specifications, despite also releasing some DDR5 5600 MHz modules.


Fast forward six months, it seems that Crucial is gearing up to introduce higher-performance modules through its new DDR5 6000 MHz modules. However, upon their initial release, these modules will only be offered in a kit comprising two 24 GB modules. Notably, Crucial asserts compliance with JEDEC specifications, but the 48-48-48 timings suggest that either they are slightly more optimized than the original JEDEC spec, or JEDEC may have updated its specifications since their initial announcement.

While these modules may not exhibit any overt high-end or Pro characteristics, one distinguishing feature that sets them apart from the competition is their ability to operate at 6000 MHz with a mere 1.1 Volt, a notable contrast to the majority of 6000 MHz DIMMs currently available in the market, which typically require a higher 1.35 Volt.


This suggests there could be room for potential adjustments with these modules, a detail that will require reviews to confirm. Crucial is pricing the 48 GB kit at $166.99, which places them at a cost disadvantage in comparison to competitors, considering that similar kits are available for as low as $115 or even potentially less.

Via Crucial