Crucial M225 256GB Solid State Drive Review

When it comes to Solid State Drives (SSD’s), it seems like many of the offerings available are from companies known for memory, not storage. This is because unlike traditional hard drives SSD’s have no moving parts and use NAND memory chips. So you would expect a company like Crucial to have a line of SSD drives, and they do! Actually our first SSD review here at ThinkComputers was a Crucial Drive. Today we will be looking at the 256GB M225 Solid State drive that is based off the ever popular Indilinx Barefoot controller. Let’s take a look…

Special thanks to Crucial for providing us with the M225 Solid State Drive for review!

Specifications & Features
Series Name: Crucial M225 Solid-State Drive
Capacity: 256GB Crucial M225 Solid-State Drive
Internal Cache: 64MB DRAM
Performance: 250MB/s READ, 200MB/s WRITE
NAND Flash Components: Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash Memory
Interface: Serial ATA 3.0Gb/s (SATA)
Form Factor: 2.5″ (100.20 mm x 69.85 mm x 9.50 mm)

A Better Alternative.
Crucial’s M225 series solid-state drive is a better alternative to a traditional hard drive in notebook PCs. No moving parts provide for a quieter, cooler, and more durable storage solution designed for the demands of mobility.

Improves Performance.
Solid-State technology brings a new level of performance and reliability to netbook and notebook storage. With read speeds up to 250MB/s the Crucial M225 series can improve boot and application load times.

Memory Experts.
The Crucial brand of memory has long been synonymous with reliability and high-performance. Our expertise in NAND process technology enables us to optimize the performance and durability of Crucial solid-state drives.

Guaranteed Compatible.
Crucial M225 series employ a standard hard drive interface and dimensions, so it is an easy storage upgrade for most notebooks.

Like most Solid State Drives we have reviewed here at ThinkComputers the M225 comes in a small box not much bigger than the drive itself. On the back there is a list of features and specifications.

Crucial M225 256GB Solid State Drive Crucial M225 256GB Solid State Drive

Opening the box up we find the drive in an anti-static bag and an installation manual.

Crucial M225 256GB Solid State Drive Crucial M225 256GB Solid State Drive

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