Crucial MX300 (525GB & 1050GB) Solid State Drives Review

Final Thoughts
As I said when I first reviewed this drive Crucial’s approach with this drive is the get higher capacity drives in the hands of more people. They are doing this by designing the MX300 to not be the fastest drive out there, but to be a great mid-level drive that offers good performance for the price. I am a fan of this approach as it will get more people to move over to SSDs compared to traditional hard drives.

Starting with performance the MX300 both of the drives we tested (525GB & 1050GB) performance right up to their specifications and the performance was solid across the board. The drive definitely performs as advertised.

Right now pricing for the drives are as follows: you can pick up the 525GB version of the drive for $127.99 and the 1050GB version of the drive is $259.99. Both of those prices are very attractive and competitive. Both drives have a 3-year warranty, while this is good I would have really liked to have seen a 5-year warranty.

Keep in mind this is Crucial’s first 3D NAND product, and for a first generation product it is very solid and polished. I could easily recommend this drive to anyone looking for a drive in this price / performance category. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Crucial MX300 (525GB & 1050GB) Solid State Drives a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 small TC award recommended small

– Price
– Solid mid-range performance
– Spacer and Acronis True Image HD software activation key included
– 256 AES encryption

– Only a 3-year warranty

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