CyberPower Zeus Mini-I 780 Gaming System Review

System Overview & Testing Procedures
When you power the system on you will be instantly loaded into Windows 8 setup you were will set a few options and then you will be good to go. I really like that CyberPower did not load this system with any bloatware at all. It is a pretty clean install.

Getting CPU-Z and GPU-Z loaded we can see what the system is running. The Intel Core i7-4770K is turbo mode enabled so it will actually boost all the way up to 3.9 GHz. We can also see that our graphics card is the GeForce GTX 780.


For testing we will be running through a whole battery of benchmarks. I have seperated them into sections and listed them below so you can test out this software on your own system.

CPU & Memory
SiSoftware Sandra
– Processor Arithmetic
– Processor Multimedia
Cinebench R15
AIDA 64 Cache & Memory benchmark

Overall System Testing
PCMark 8
PCMark 7

Video Testing
3DMark – FireStrike
3DMark 11
Heaven Benchmark

Gaming Testing
BioShock Infinite
Battlefield 4
Sleeping Dogs
Max Payne 3

Now let’s get to testing!

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