CyberPower Zeus Mini-I 780 Gaming System Review

Temperatures, Lights & More
With such a compact system you should expect your temperatures to be a little warmer than using a typical tower case. So how does the Cooler Master Seidon 120M cooler do in this case? We first ran our idle test with the system sitting on the Windows 9 desktop. Our first load test was a 3 hour gaming run and our third test was running Prime 95 for 1 hour.


As you can see the first two tests are pretty normal, but Prime 95 really took the CPU cooler to its limit. Prime 95 is really an extreme test and does not really represent real-world computer usage. Not many applications will use all 4 cores (8 threads) at 100% usage for that long of a period.

For our video card temperature testing we used GPU-Z to record temperatures. Again idle temperatures were taken on the Windows 8 desktop. The first load test was running the Heaven Benchmark for one hour and the second test was FurMark’s 15 minute burn-in benchmark.


As you can see the temperatures of the video card got pretty hot. I would like to note that the fan speed was set to default, which is a variable fan speed meaning that the fan gets faster as the GPU heats up. At the high temperatures the fan was only running at 48%. You can use third-party software or even software that comes with the video card to turn the fan speed all the way up.

As far as noise goes the system is extremely quiet. There are only two fans in the system really, the one above the CPU and the one on the radiator. You also have the fan on the graphics card and the one in the PSU. Even so the noise from the system is barely audible. If you are listening to any type of music or have headphones on you are not going to hear the system at all.

As I mentioned earlier there are LED strips on the front of the system. These light up bright green and actually look pretty cool.

CyberPower Zeus Mini-I 780 Gaming System

The fan that sits over the motherboard and CPU is neon green so it will create a pretty cool effect when you have the system powered on.

CyberPower Zeus Mini-I 780 Gaming System

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