DDR5 Memory Being Sold For 20% Less Than The Last Month

As we have started to witness an increase in the ease of availability of the DDR5 memory, it is also a common trend to follow soon afterwards that the prices tend to go lower. As reported by ComputerBase, the DDR5-4800 memory is now as cheap as 5 EUR per GB. This has shown a drastic decrease in price by 20 percent over a short period of a month. Last year the same DDR5-4800 was available for 15 EUR per GB.

ComputerBase DDR5

Thanks to the price tracker at ComputerBase, we can see more than 200 different DDR5 kits which have been listed on the site. The JEDEC standard DDR5-4800 of 32 GB (standard with SO-DIMM) is now available at a price of 154 EUR.

The mobile U-DIMM memory has seen a similar trend in prices. The standard modules for these usually stand at 16 GB. The 4800 MT/s module from Kingston is available for 42 EUR, going down more than half of what it was priced at in February (99 EUR).

Surprisingly enough, the DDR4 memory kits have a different story to tell. They have not witnessed a sizable reduction in price in the past couple of months. For instance, the G.SKILL Aegis 16GB kit with a speed of 3200 MT/s is still priced at 56 EUR which is the same price tag as six months ago.

CoputerBase DDR4

Based on the current trends, we are expecting a major shift in the memory market as both Intel and AMD will push for new platforms supporting DDR5. Intel’s Raptor lake is going to feature a memory platform that leaves even the speed of Alder Lake’s memory behind. As for AMD, their AM5 platform is going to support only DDR5 memory.

Even with the increasing popularity of the DRR5, it doesn’t seem likely that the DDR4 will go out of the market anytime soon. The Raptor Lake is going to be DDR4 supported even for the existing 600 series motherboards. AMD is also not dropping their DDR4 support in the coming years as they have plans to keep its AM4 platform up and running.

Via ComputerBase