DDR5 Memory Overclocked To 11254 MT/s During Computex 2023

During Computex, G.Skill hosted an overclocking competition that showcased renowned members of the OC community. With a gathering of such expertise, it was only a matter of time before a new world record was set, specifically for DDR5 memory frequency.

IMG 5838

On June 8th, overclocker Seby9123 achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing 11240 MT/s, which is 20 MT/s higher than his previous record set in May. Throughout Computex, Seby9123 has been relentlessly pushing for higher frequencies, and this achievement stands as his greatest accomplishment yet, securing him first place in the competition. Notably, the latest scores predominantly showcased G.Skill memory and an ASUS Z790 motherboard setup.

IMG 5839

Simultaneously, Hicookie and Sergmann undertook their overclocking endeavor utilizing Gigabyte hardware, specifically the Z790 Tachyon motherboard and AORUS memory. Remarkably, just a few hours after Seby’s overclocking world record was confirmed, they submitted their own record-breaking achievement, reaching an impressive 11254 MT/s. This currently stands as the highest recorded memory overclocking frequency.

IMG 5840

The noteworthy aspect of this achievement is that it was accomplished without the use of liquid nitrogen cooling for the memory. Instead, it was reportedly only necessary for the Intel Core i9-13900K CPU, which was downclocked to 803.9 MHz. Given that this was a frequency competition, the CPU clocks, memory timings, and the utilization of a single memory module are not considered out of the ordinary.

Via HWBot