DeepCool Partners With Anshar Studios To Release AK620 ZERO DARK ZORIA Air Cooler

DeepCool, in collaboration with Anshar Studios, reveals the release of the AK620 ZERO DARK ZORIA air cooler. This marks DeepCool’s inaugural gaming co-branded air cooler, incorporating design features influenced by Anshar’s Zoria: Age of Shattering RPG. The AK620 ZERO DARK ZORIA is the result of a substantial partnership, catering to gaming enthusiasts and high-performance computing users alike.

Commencing in July 2023, the creation of the AK620 ZERO DARK ZORIA underwent thorough design enhancements and testing stages to guarantee optimal cooling performance while maintaining an aesthetic in harmony with the Zoria theme. Balancing high cooling efficiency with the distinctive visual elements of the Zoria game posed a challenge for the design team, resulting in numerous iterations before settling on the final design.

Incorporating the established AK620 design, the cooler has been upgraded for superior performance and a unique appearance. With a dual-tower structure, six advanced copper heat pipes, and a pure copper coldplate, this air cooler is equipped with two fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fans designed for silent yet efficient cooling. The raven black and yellow color scheme aligns with the thematic elements of Zoria: Age of Shattering.

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Offered at €79.99, the AK620 ZERO DARK ZORIA signifies the commencement of DeepCool’s exploration into collaborative product development. Its release is considered a starting point for the introduction of more groundbreaking co-branded products within the cooling technology sector.

Source: DeepCool