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Designing Branded Business Materials: How to Get Started

Brand recognition is so powerful these days that it completely drives certain companies towards their goals and beyond. Look no further than the likes of Apple, Ferrari and Louis Vuitton, who all require nothing more than their logo to sell their products. They are each expected to uphold certain standards of quality and craftsmanship with every product they produce, but that would come naturally with any good business.

Creating branded business materials can be great fun. You get to play around with logos and eventually find one with some variations that fit all your products. You get to collaborate with other designers and render attractive looking images. It can be challenging, though. With the number of businesses already established on the web, it may be difficult for you to come up with completely original designs and ideas.

Ensure Originality

As mentioned above, you’ll likely end up designing something that already exists if you simply dive in. Every coffee shop follows a similar modern and rustic theme with similar fonts and colour palettes. The same way every fashion house makes minimal websites that often utilise unconventional fonts and text-heavy logos.

Do your research, find out what has already been tried and tested and what can be modified to look original at the very least. You should take your time to decide what design will sell in your respective niche and which designs the average customer will avoid. The internet is a wealth of great resources for gaining a perspective on which designs work best.

Keep It High Quality

It’s vital that you make sure your logo designer sends you the final images in the highest possible resolution, your marketing agency makes your banner ads as enticing as possible and that your signboard company uses only the best paint that will last for years to come. After all, when it comes to developing brand recognition, you don’t want to have your logo peeling off the side of an old van.

It applies to essentially everything. If you have branded folders for your business, for example, make sure that you only have the best. Take – they offer some of the sturdiest and highest quality presentation folders money can buy, which will leave your customers and clients impressed.

Colour Matters

The colour palette you choose to construct your logo with matters way more than you think. It matters so much that there’s entire psychology to it. Certain colours evoke certain emotions. Red would imply a certain level of intensity that light blue wouldn’t, for example. Black and gold suggest premium and luxurious whereas white and yellow say you can afford it with cash.

There’s a little more to it than what initially appears, from doing your research and coming up with a viable concept, to sending those ideas to someone skilled and working with them to create the final product. Even after that, you should always play with variations, test new ideas and find out what works best for your target market. Yes, it’s hard to be completely original, but if your business idea is original, it’s not impossible.

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