Destiny is the Worst Game Ever Created by Bungie According to Reviews

Destiny was one of the most anticipated games of 2014 and it launched last week. It seemed like this what was everyone was talking about last week and the marketing for the game was quite insane as I saw ads for the game all over the place. Since its release many major video game websites have put out their reviews and according to them it is Bungie’s worst game ever if we look at the review score.


While the game did sell well, exceeding its $500 million budget the reviews of the game are not so favorable. Many review sites point out the repetitive missions, lacking story-line as well as classes. While the technical aspects of the game are very good it seems the problem lies within the story and gameplay. Gamespot has scored the game lower than Watch Dogs, and equal to Sims 4. Polygon prefers Call of Duty: Ghosts over Destiny. Giant Bomb has said the game is no better than Madden NFL 15 or Dead Rising 3.

Review scores are what we are looking at here though. Here is a run-down of Bungie’s previous major game releases with review scores from different gaming websites.

Marathon 2: Durandal
Gamespot: 8.2/10

Myth II: Soulbiter
Gamespot: 9.3/10
Metacritic: 88/100
User Metacritic: 9.2/10

Gamespot: 7.1/10 (PS2); 6.9/10 (PC)
Metacritic: 73/100
User Metacritic: 8.6/10

Halo: Combat Evolved
Gamespot: 9.7/10
Giant Bomb: 4/5 (for Halo: Anniversary)
Metacritic: 97/100
User Metacritic: 8.6/10

Halo 2
Gamespot: 9.4/10
Metacritic: 95/100
User Metacritic: 8/10

Halo 3
Gamespot: 9.5/10
Metacritic: 94/100
User Metacritic: 7.7/10

Halo 3: ODST
Gamespot: 9/10
Giant Bomb: 4/5
Metacritic: 83/100
User Metacritic: 7.1/10

Halo Reach
Gamespot: 9.5/10
Giant Bomb: 4/5
Metacritic: 91/100
User Metacritic: 7.8/10

Gamespot: 6/10
Polygon: 6/10
Giant Bomb: 3/5
Metacritic: 75/100
User Metacritic: 6.4/10

While many people have praised Destiny it looks like the reviewers are rating it (based on review score) lower than any other Bungie game. What do you think of Destiny and do you think these scores are accurate? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamespresso | News Archive

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