Development of special software for the construction industry

Expertise in construction software development lies in providing an efficient solution for precise and consistent management of various construction projects. Software development for construction consists in delivering effective software solutions for managing construction projects in the construction industry using the best modern technologies and practices. Manage and plan projects, track time and resources, and coordinate teams and suppliers with custom solutions from Devcom. An experienced team can develop desktop and mobile software versions to automate routine tasks in your projects.

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The construction industry is complex and requires accurate estimates of time, costs, and effort. At Devcom, we create software solutions that allow you to do everything in one place, including basic and special functions, depending on your needs. In addition, the team has experience in creating reliable accounting platforms for the effective management of financial processes. The Devcom team develops custom ERP software with all required features for better planning, estimating, time tracking, project tracking, and many other purposes. Thanks to detailed business analysis, a special comprehensive plan for providing solutions that meet your needs and requirements is created.

Task management processes

Devcom creates advanced BPM systems that help companies manage all business processes and adapt to changes. In addition, we offer fast data migration, cloud migration, painstaking modernization of legacy systems, and system integration services using innovative technologies that help customers stay competitive and manage their business processes most efficiently. Construction software development provides effective on-site and off-site tracking of construction assets with cloud-based asset management software. Use GPS tracking, real-time analytics, and IoT technology to create integrated solutions. Such a solution simplifies and makes the management process more efficient.

Planning software solutions

Scheduling modules or stand-alone scheduling software for the construction industry help you organize shifts and meetings, track work hours and attendance, keep records, and more. Devcom’s experienced analysts carefully study existing software and look for the best integration, optimization, or modernization solution. The construction industry faces many challenges today, such as labor shortages, supply-demand mismatches, lost tenders and contracts, and time delays. Rethinking business models and operations are what most construction companies are doing today. Disruptive technology is a technology that has the potential to change the way work is done radically. Devcom is a construction software development company that provides business analysis, consulting, development, design, and testing.

Centralize and manage the entire construction project lifecycle with a comprehensive resource planning software package. Control budget and resource planning, equipment procurement, inventory management, financial management, supplier management, and asset management in one integrated system. Consistent experience with all software modules allows you to create the proper integration framework and standardized data points. Single access to all essential functions, including comprehensive analytics and reporting, accounting and payroll, asset management and maintenance planning, and project management. Software solutions enable asset utilization optimization and predictive maintenance across multiple locations and buildings: quick compliance check and monitoring of the status of business processes. Developed software for the construction industry allows you to reduce paperwork and increase the transparency of all functions and processes significantly. Advanced project management systems and construction planning software simplify and optimize operations on-site. You can control the planning, design, and construction of projects from start to finish, focusing on time, cost, and quality of results, monitor all stages of the project life cycle, and perform risk management, project cost estimation, and budget planning. You can manage real estate and plan various activities thoroughly, with effective team management with task allocation and progress tracking, essential tools for team collaboration and knowledge sharing are available:

  • Easily manage controls, reduce risk and ensure full compliance by adhering to data security standards;
  • Distribute responsibilities and frequency of inspections;
  • Identify, document, and share process results;
  • Carry out effective implementation of corrective measures and conducting audits;
  • Use standardized and customizable checklists for different scenarios;
  • Generate reports and perform advanced data analysis.

Strengthen relationships with partners and customers by providing relevant partner portal software to share project updates, documentation, support, and information that customers need. Engage and engage with customers in a personalized and secure environment. Get access to updates and essential project data with a single knowledge base. Oversee the sharing and collection of project information, including specifications and financial data. The software provides a simple, customizable mobile/cross-platform solution with informative analytics and reporting. Integrate and connect external data sources from third-party systems to existing workflows to gain operational insights, improve forecasting, and streamline communication. It provides real-time data exchange, access management, and increased security of essential data. Leverage your data with advanced analytics and statistics. Create standardized real-time reports for better decision-making. Visualize and share data for better collaboration between all sides of business processes. Simplify engagement and learning with engagement management tools to accelerate knowledge transfer for every project. Standardize and streamline training programs for effective deployment and management. Give employees quick access to the needed resources, and track progress with analytics and reports.

Construction software development process

Devcom delivers software to the construction industry on time and within budget. Creating quality software for the construction industry is as follows: an economic analysis is performed during which construction software is carefully developed according to your specific needs and requirements. First, business analysts will conduct extensive research following the needs of your project. Get detailed software specifications and approval requirements based on thorough analysis. Devcom experts have many years of experience working with construction companies and developing individual software for them. Industry experts work closely with analysts, architects, and developers to communicate key project challenges and opportunities to find the software solutions you need most jointly—the QA testing process. Quality assurance engineers monitor and measure the quality of all solutions developed for customers in the construction industry. You can read the test documentation and get a report on the latest fixes and changes. Devcom offers services and technical support to improve the software you create, add new features or fix something. You have several flexible support options, including on-demand support and 24/7 support.

Complete the development process. Developers are creating the first version of our software product for the construction industry. The fundamental goal of this stage is to test the program and mitigate possible risks. Introduce your software product to real users and get valuable feedback for further improvements. The construction software development process begins with a thorough business analysis by experts. There is a careful delineation of your needs and expectations, studying how your business works, and choosing the best technology for your project. Combining agile technology practices with design thinking tactics allows you to create professional digital products that add real value to your construction business. Custom software will enable companies to improve data sharing, simplify planning, and provide timely reporting. After the final product is on the market, customers are entitled to ongoing technical support and service; experts will contact you to ensure that your software system will work properly on different devices.