Diablotek UL Series 575W Power Supply Review

This power supply isn’t something you’d want to run a high powered system on, but should suffice enough for a HTPC or backup crappy machine. It can be found at my favorite retailer for $49.99, which is among the cheapest among its style and wattage class. You can find similar power supplies cheaper, but they don’t necessarily have the connectors needed. This power supply was designed to be a cheap gaming power supply and I wouldn’t really use it for anything more than that.

The power supply isn’t that efficient nor is it of high quality. If you’re looking for a budget power supply that will get your semi-powerful gaming computer running, then this is your case.  ThinkComputers would like to award the Diablotek UL Series 575W Power Supply a 7 out of 10 score.

rating7 10 small


  • 115V/230V switch
  • Silent
  • Cheap


  • Not very efficient
  • Not very stable
  • Cheaply made