DICE And EA Announce Battlefield 1

If you were anything like me you just watched the live stream of the Battlefield announcement. This is where DICE and EA were announcing the new Battlefield game, most people thought it was going to be called Battlefield 5, but it is actually called Battlefield 1 and it is based in the World War 1 time period.

Battlefield 1

EA and DICE described this time period as, “the dawn of all out war” and they want to bring that feeling to you where there is a mixture of gun battles, melee combat, and much more! Here is what they say about the game:

You look into the distance and see planes torn apart by gunfire, their debris raining down over London. In war-torn France to the east, horrible armored tanks tear holes in walls as they roll through crumbling cities. To the south, past the burning Italian coast, men charge over the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert, armed to the teeth with the most powerful weaponry the world has ever seen. This is what the dawn of all-out war looks like, and it’s Only in Battlefield 1.

Check out the reveal trailer for the game below.

There will be tanks, planes, artillery, and much more. Some of the more interesting things we see in the trailer are horses your can ride into battle, a zeppelin, a shovel used as a melee weapon, flame-throwers, gas masks and more! Just like other Battlefield games you will be able to play the game in massive 64-player matches and they even give you the ability now to move from server to server with your squad.

There will be EA Play events on June 12 in Los Angeles and London, where the first gameplay footage will be shown and let the attendees will get to try the game for themselves. There will also be an Open Beta before the game launches. EA Access and Origin Access members will be able to play for a limited time before the game releases.

The game will officially be released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 21st 2016. For those who pre-order the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, you’ll be able to start playing on October 18.

So are you excited for the new Battlefield game?

Battlefield 1

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