Divoom Voombox Travel Bluetooth Speaker Review

Setup & Usage
Getting the Voombox Travel setup is quite easy. First you’ll need to charge it up. Use the supplied microUSB cable and either your PC or any USB charging adapter. A small LED on the device will light up red to let you know you are charging and will turn off when charging is complete. A full charge on the speaker should give you around 6 hours of playback time.

Divoom Voombox Travel Bluetooth Speaker

Pairing the speaker with your Bluetooth device is very simple. Long press the power button and you will see the LED on the device blink blue rapidly. This means that it is in pairing mode. Now on your Bluetooth go into the Bluetooth section and you will see “Voombox Travel” as an available device, select it and you will now be paired.

Divoom Voombox Travel Bluetooth Speaker

Once paired you can start listening to music. I used the Voombox Travel both outside and inside and I have to say it is much more powerful than the typical single-speaker Bluetooth devices we have seen before. And it really does have some great bass, again much more than other Bluetooth speakers we have reviewed in the past. The Voombox Travel has no problem filling a small room with sound and would be more than adequate for a campfire, beach, or swimming pool setting as well.

Divoom Voombox Travel Bluetooth Speaker

What’s great about the Voombox travel is that it can take a beating too. I have taken the speaker with me hiking and have thrown it down a few hills and it was no worse for wear. It has a nice rugged design, but it also weather resistant which means it can get water on it and it won’t break or malfunction.

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