Divoom Voombox Travel Bluetooth Speaker Review

Final Thoughts
Divoom really surprised me with their Voombox Outdoor and it looks like they keep that going with their Voombox Travel. It is now the Bluetooth speaker that is permanently in my backpack and that I will take with me when I travel.

Not only does it sound better than other single-speaker Bluetooth speakers that I’ve tested in the past it is also rugged and weather resistant. So I am getting great sound and if I happen to drop the speaker or it gets wet I don’t have to worry about it breaking. It is just a win win! This means I can use the speaker if I’m going on a business trip or if I’m going for an outdoor adventure. The clip on the top also makes it easy to attach to your jeans, bookbag or even your climbing gear!

There really is nothing I can say bad about the Voombox Travel, it is one of the best single-speaker options when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, especially with summer right around the corner. Right now you can pick up the Voombox Travel at my favorite online retailer for $39.90, which also makes it a no-brainer. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Divoom Voombox Travel a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

– Rugged and weather resistant
– Clip on top
– Impressive and powerful sound
– Price
– Comes in many different colors

– None that I found

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