Does Google have a Fax Service?

Only a few decades ago, faxing was the chief way for communication. Google had not emerged since the end of the 20th century and until the time, it was fax that people used for their official discussions.

Before Google, people used to fax documents where they were needed. Documents receiving was also done through fax. On the off chance that you needed to contact somebody, there was no email and that’s it. You needed to send them a fax.

Notwithstanding, despite the fact that that was quite a while back and from that point forward endless innovations have developed, the fax still has its presence. Various individuals and organizations use it consistently and a great many faxes are sent everywhere throughout the world.

What’s more, today is a day when you will figure out how you can utilize Google to send and get faxes. Indeed, what was once unachievable is now valid as well as extremely mainstream.

By utilizing Google to fax, you can overlook every one of those old expenses related with sending and accepting faxes. You needn’t bother with a fax machine, you needn’t bother with phone lines, and you can bid farewell to paper and ink as well!

Google Fax Service

Google fax service is any help that permits you to fax through Google items like Gmail and Google drive. With this type of service, you can send and get faxes through Google without the need for any excessive equipment like a fax machine or a telephone line.

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Normally, faxing through Google is not directly possible because these two are totally different forums. Google or the web operates digitally while faxing is done through analog signals. Hence, to make it possible, there was a need for a third-party fax service that allows faxing through Google.

Since fax is utilized essentially for proficient discussions, speed, dependability, and security are the must-haves. If these qualities are not present in a fax service, then it does not come up to the level.

It can be much difficult and time-consuming to find a fax service that comes up to your expectations hence we have here the best one for you.

CocoFax – Google Fax Service that Excels All Others

CocoFax is the most well-known and presumed online fax service provider that encourages faxing through Gmail. You can utilize it with the expectation of complimentary Google fax administration all through the nation or anyplace else on the planet.

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It gives you a free fax number that you can use for 30 days. Truth be told, you even get the solace of picking your own fax number. That is why it is being used for faxing services by millions of people throughout the world and therefore has been appraised by a large number of big international media forums like Forbes, TechRadar, New York Times and many more.

It is solid, quick, and lets you attain everything that you would need in your preferred fax specialist. In this manner, let us talk about the routes through which you can fax with Google utilizing CocoFax.

Part 1: Faxing with Gmail

If you are an old fax user, faxing through Gmail will be a treat for you. It includes the dash of the web to the old faxing technique.

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Be that as it may, a great many people don’t know about how simple the procedure is, so they try not to learn. When you read these means to send Google fax on the web, it is guaranteed you will never utilize some other strategy.

Fax through email is the most ideal strategy for faxing up until now, particularly when you are utilizing CocoFax for the reason.

Prerequisites for Faxing through Google’s Gmail

There are just two things that you require for this reason. These include:

  • A Gmail ID: On the off chance that you need to send and get faxes through Google Mail, you should make a Gmail account first. It does not take much time, only a few minutes and you’re ready to fax with Gmail.
  • A CocoFax Account: CocoFax goes about as an interpreter between the Gmail and the fax. Therefore it is a must to register with CocoFax in order to make the two, fax and Gmail, work together. You will gain proficiency with the means to make a CocoFax account in the segment to come.

So moving along without any more pausing, here it goes

  1. a) Sending a fax via Gmail

Step 1: As mentioned previously, CocoFax account is a necessity when considering faxing with Gmail. Hence the first thing you’ve got to do is to create one(if you don’t have one already). This allows you to use CocoFax services effectively. Moreover, CocoFax also offers a 30-day free trial to give you a complete month of free faxing. Afterward, you can subscribe to any monthly plan you like.

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Step 2: As we told you before that you get to have a free fax number with CocoFax and also that it is custom-made, you choose it yourself. Well, this is the place where you do that. You select a free fax number according to your and your organization’s liking and requirements.

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Step 3: Now there’s only one thing left, composing new fax. And for that, you need to head to your Gmail id and compose a new email by hitting the ‘New Mail’ button. Another window pops up on the screen. In it, you need to fill all the relevant fields.

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In the ‘To’ field, write the destination fax address. Fax address will, in turn, contain the recipient’s fax number followed by the CocoFax site extension like ‘’. Next, fill in the ‘Subject’ field if you want to have something written at the top of your fax document when it arrives at the sender side.

Also, text written in the email body will appear as the cover page of your fax document. Then lastly, you need to attach the file(s) you want to fax. This can be done by pressing the little paperclip button at the bottom. Finally, send the email and then relax. CocoFax will convert your mail into a fax-capable format and then send it to the relative person. You will also receive a notification email upon the effective delivery of your fax.

  1. b) Receiving a fax via Gmail

Receiving faxes is even easier than sending them. You need not do a single thing. CocoFax does all the work. It receives all your faxes and then translates them into an email compatible format. Then these converted faxes are sent to your Gmail address.

receive fax to gmail

This way you can effectively receive all your faxes just like you receive other emails. All the faxes reside in the inbox of your Gmail id along with other mails.

Part 2: Faxing with Google Drive

Another Google product that lets you fax effectively through the web is Google Drive. You are able to send and receive faxes just with the internet on the go. All you need to do is to install the CocoFax add-on in your Google Drive.

fax from google drive

This will make your drive capable of sending faxes right away. As Google Drive is one of the most used and admired ways for transferring official documents, it has been further boosted by the old school of fax.


As you can see, CocoFax has made faxing a picnic by allowing you to fax via Google just from your web. Here, we have detailed two different ways to fax through Google hence you should give them a shot. It’s a sure thing that you will have a pleasant experience.

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