Don’t Be Rude – The Online World and Gaming Etiquette

When playing games online it can be easy to put on a persona that changes the person we are. Many games help us to become something that we are not, and masks our true selves. For most of us that lets us live a fantasy with others and makes the experience of online gaming fun and a nice pastime but for some others it is a place to make trouble.

So called “trolls” often spoil things for others and try to ruin the experience. Getting a reaction by misbehaving can sadly be a fun experience, and to get attention from people you annoy can be as good as building a friendship. What it can also do in the end though is make it so you are banned from online games.

What about the people in the middle ground who misbehave without realising it? Being labelled a troll from simple mistakes can be just as annoying as being targeted by one. With this in mind just how should we act when playing online and what are the rules (if any?).

Being a Good Online Gamer
There is a level of “banter” that can be used in online gaming, and it is easy to find what levels are acceptable. Watch what other games say to each other and watch the type of insults that are thrown. Some game chatrooms will accept the mock insults that can often be thrown, and a good comeback can cause amusement. Just don’t make insults personal and stay away from thins you know are offensive.

No Spam!
If you are posting in capital letters and posting lines and lines of garbage you know that people are going to get annoyed. Also don’t self-promote as this can be annoying too. Gamers want to discuss the game they are playing and give helpful advice, so stick to the conversation that is taking place while playing the game and you should be fine.

Don’t Attack the Noob
If a player enters the game and does something annoying, don’t attack them straight away. Chances are these people are new and don’t know the etiquette of the game. Look to educate them with the knowledge you have built up since you were a “noob” and you’ll hopefully see their behaviour improve. Unless they are a troll of course, then they most likely will be removed from the game chatroom anyway.

Follow the Etiquette
Some games have a certain etiquette that is expected from gamers. This is often seen in things like poker where 20-somethings are currently dominating the live events. There will no doubt be helpful instructions on the site when you play something like Texas Hold’em to introduce you to the game and let you know the rules to follow. Remember we all make mistakes, but be ready to fix them and apologise when these are made.

Be Ready to Adapt
With most of the tips we’ve given here the number one theme is the ability to adapt. Online gaming is about communication and knowing the etiquette of the game you are playing. Get that right and you’ll be at home in no time and getting down to the important thing, the game itself. Remember this is all about having fun, and making sure

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