DualSense Implementation Was A Challenge According To Sackboy Dev

As per the developer Sumo Digital, Sackboy: A Big Adventure might not be the flashiest title among all the PS5’s launch titles, but it will feature an ‘incredibly tactile world’ due to the implementation of DualSense features.

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Gamesradar had an interview with Ned Waterhouse(creative director of Sackboy), where he informed about the work studio had to do on a PS5 controller.

The PS5 is a more powerful console, and it does have a whole bunch of new gadgets and features to play with, and that’s been really exciting for us. The DualSense has been a fantastic challenge, and it has been a challenge for us – it’s not a throwaway term. There’s no point of reference for it. it’s this unique piece of hardware, and, in many ways, LBP presents a really good opportunity to showcase it. We have this incredibly tactile world. Sackboy is sort of synonymous with these high-definition materials, and it’s a world that’s made up of lots of different types of material.

So what we wanted to get through with the DualSense – and I feel we’ve achieved it – is this sense of tactility; that extra connection to your Sackboy; and, with that, that sense of increased immersion. You end up having lots of arguments in the studio about: ‘What does it feel like to slide across a plank of wood? Is that what landing on a tea tray feels like? Come on, pop this balloon and tell me if that’s the same as popping a real balloon?’ As game designers, it does present a unique challenge, but it’s been one that’s been great fun to design for. And I think that, you know, the haptics in particular really enhance your connection to your Sackboy, and thus the game.”

Sony’s revelation on how haptics in the DualSense controller can be created almost automatically via existing in-game sounds makes Ned’s description more interesting.

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There’s no guarantee on the developer’s satisfaction, but they can adjust it to match their requirement. Sackboy: A Big Adventure will launch on PS5’s launch day and will be available for the PS4 too.

Via Gamesradar