Ducky Teams Up With Bethesda To Create Limited Edition DOOM Themed One 3 SF Keyboard

Ducky has revealed an exciting collaboration with Bethesda, unveiling a custom mechanical keyboard infused with the iconic DOOM theme. Ducky, renowned for top-tier custom mechanical keyboards, has joined forces with the gaming giant Bethesda to craft the Ducky X DOOM Edition One 3 SF, a must-have for DOOM enthusiasts and keyboard aficionados alike.

One3 SF DOOM US Angle01 2048x1365 1

This keyboard adopts a 65% layout, showcasing DOOM-inspired PBT keycaps crafted through dye-sublimation. The design showcases the iconic DOOM Eternal cover art on the keys, nestled in a red and black casing with a UV-printed DOOM design underneath.

One3 SF DOOM US Hotswap 2048x1365 1

Internally, the keyboard offers a selection of 5 Cherry MX switch options, with the added convenience of hot-swap capabilities for custom switches. The Hot-swap PCB incorporates a foam pad and Q-Bounce pads to minimize noise and cushion typing impact. Noteworthy features include a detachable USB-C cable, N-Key Rollover, and dynamic RGB lighting effects.

You can find the DUCKY x DOOM SF keyboard on with Cherry MX Brown, MX Blue, MX Red, MX Silent Red, and MX Speed switch options. As a limited edition, only 666 units are available for both ANSI and ISO layouts.

One3 SF DOOM US Scenario02 2048x1365 1

We are thrilled to be working with Bethesda to bring the visceral, heart-pounding action of DOOM
to your fingertips,” said the marketing director from Ducky. “Our commitment to quality and
innovation aligns perfectly with the DOOM franchise’s iconic status, and we can’t wait to share the
fruits of our collaboration with the world.”

Source: Ducky