EA Confirms Battlefield VI, Set to Release Holiday 2021

Late last week EA has confirmed that they are working on the next chapter in the “Battlefield” franchise, which to no surprise to anyone will be called “Battlefield VI.” While the image you see above is fan art, we actually don’t know any details about the game. What time period it will be set it, game modes, weapons, etc are all up in the air at this point.

It will be interesting to see if Battlefield VI will be a technology demonstrator, much like how Battlefield V was. If you remember Battlefield V was one of the first games to support real-time raytracing. We will also see if EA makes e-sports mode for the game. We can assume they would take a similar approach to what Call of Duty did, which gave gamers the “Warzone” mode in addition to the AAA campaign experience.

EA DICE will be targeting Holiday 2021 as a tentative release date for the game.

Via TweakTown

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