Edifier Hecate GX Gaming Headset Review

Setup & Lighting

The Hecate GX gaming headset will work with many different devices, but we will mainly be using it on PC. Using the supplied USB cable we connected it to an open USB port on our system and it was recognized immediately. There were no drivers or software required to start using the headset. It will just show up as an audio device within Windows.

edifier gx headset ss1

If you connect the headset via USB you’ll notice both earcups light up with lighting! Using the button on the headset you can switch between blue, red, green, and purple colors. You can also have these colors have a breathing effect or constantly cycle through all of the colors.

Edifier Hecate GX Gaming Headset Edifier Hecate GX Gaming Headset Edifier Hecate GX Gaming Headset Edifier Hecate GX Gaming Headset


I have been using the Hecate GX as my main headset for the past few weeks and overall I think that it is a good-sounding headset. In games the sound is crisp and clear, although it was pretty hard to tell the difference when switching between game mode and music mode. When listening to music and watching YouTube videos the sound was good as well, although I feel the headset could use a little more bass.

As far as comfort goes the headset was extremely comfortable. I had quite a few 3+ hour long game sessions with the headset and not once did I feel like I wanted to take the headset off. The memory foam and PU leather are very comfortable and the fit of the earcups do a good job at cancelling out outside noise.

For those wondering about the built-in microphone here is an audio sample as well as samples from some of the other gaming headsets we’ve reviewed lately.

Edifier Hecate GX

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