EK H30 360 HFX Watercooling Kit Review

We’ve been reviewing CPU coolers for as long as we can remember, and now we finally have the opportunity to take that to the next level with watercooling. Popular amongst enthusiasts, overclockers and modders, watercooling started out small and has grown exponentially since its inception years ago.

EK are a frontrunner in the watercooling scene, manufacturing attractive yet functional products that are in use by many across the globe. EK’s latest line, CSQ, is a fusion of sharp edges and rounded curves, designed to fit stealthily into any system without compromising the aesthetics of any particular component – yet standing out by itself all the same.

Today I’m working with EK’s H30 HFX 360, a complete water cooling kit that provides their latest and greatest CPU block, the Supremacy, with a full 64mm thick 360mm radiator. Also provided in the kit are all the required fittings, a pump, a reservoir, tubing and all mounting hardware. We’re very excited to test this kit, and we hope you are too. Keep reading as we unbox, install, and test the performance of EK’s kit, along with my own personal feelings towards the end.

EK Supremacy Waterblock
CPU socket compatibility:
– Intel LGA-775
– Intel LGA-1155/1156
– Intel LGA-1366
– Intel LGA 2011
– AMD Sockets: 939, 754, 940
– AMD Sockets: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+
Option: Copper Plexi
Threads: G1/4”
Sockets: AMD/Intel

EK CoolStream XTX 360 Radiator
– Copper fins
– 90% copper tube (H90)
– Brass chambers
– Steel housing

Dimensions (LxWxH): 400x130x64mm
Weight: Approx. 1496g
FPI: 11
Fan installation: 12 x M3 threads on both sides each (for 3x120mm fan each)
Pressure tested: 1bar

EK-DCP 4.0 Pump
Model: EK-DCP 4.0
Rated voltage: DC12V +/-10%
Starting voltage: DC 8V above
Power Consumption: 18W +/-10%
Load current: 1.8A +/-10%
Q-max: 800 L/hr +/-10%
H-max.: 4m +/-10%
Size: 75 x 54 x 66mm
Life Expectancy: 50000/hrs at 25°
Noise: 24.5 dB
Weight: 670g

EK-Multioption RES X2 – 150 Advanced
Technical data:
– Installation height: 150 mm
– Diameter: 60mm
– Capacity: 160 ml
– Weight (netto): 0,33 kg

Other Hardware
– Fittings: 3/8″ID 1/2″OD Compression fittings, Nickel
– Tubing: 2 meters of 3/8″ID 1/2″OD clear tubing
– Coolant: UV Ocean Blue (concentrate)
– TIM: 1.5g of Gelid GC-Extreme

The EK-KIT H30 360 HFX comes in a white and orange box. Decorated with circles that the Supremacy waterblock also shares, the box is eye catching without being over the top. EK’s logo rests comfortably in the bottom right corner.  The rear of the packaging lists what the product contained within actually is (in multiple languages.) A sticker on the box lists the individual parts. These vary depending on the kit you purchase, so a sticker is probably the wisest choice if you’re looking for consistency of packaging.

EK H30 360 HFX Watercooling Kit EK H30 360 HFX Watercooling Kit

Opening the box shows you some very well-packaged products.  Inside the box you have everything you need to assemble a full water cooling loop. A radiator, a reservoir, pump, waterblock, fittings, tubing, fans enough for push or pull, as well as an EXTREMELY detailed installation manual. Each product box also contains smaller, more concise instructions to follow along with.

EK H30 360 HFX Watercooling Kit EK H30 360 HFX Watercooling Kit

To give you a good idea of what all comes in the H30 360 HFX Watercooling Kit and how it comes check out our unboxing video below.