EK Introduces Annihilator Series 1U CPU Water Block

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce the ultimate water block for server and workstation type motherboards featuring one or more Intel LGA 2011(-3) or LGA 115x sockets. EK-Annihilator is a result of round clock development, years of experience and rigorous testing. Enterprise solutions are built with performance, reliability, serviceability and no compromises in mind – EK-Annihilator CPU water block meets those demands with top hydraulic- and thermal performance as well as proven engineering.

EK-Annihilator CPU Block

EK-Annihilator is the ultimate 1U chassis type water block for server & workstation type motherboards, pre-configured for use on modern Intel LGA-2011(-3) socket motherboards with narrow mounting hole pattern. By replacing the pre-installed mounting plate for alternative one the EK-Annihilator can also be used on regular Intel LGA-2011(-3) and Intel LGA-115x socket motherboards.

EK-Annihilator CPU Block

EK-Annihilator features easy installation in 1U low-profile high-density, high-performance computing server & workstation enclosures. Side-mounted fittings and plugs are made of high quality nickel-plated brass material. Together with 6/9mm (ID/OD) tubing and tube-securing clamps they make a complete solution for single- or multiple waterblock connection.

EK-Annihilator CPU Block

The EK-Annihilator uses microfin cooling structure. The cooling liquid accelerates through inlet manifold and turbulently continues its path through numerous very thin channels which provide extreme cooling surface area. Specifically designed and carefully machined copper base (sometimes referred to as ‘cold plate’) is made from purest copper available on the market and is further polished to absolute mirror finish. This alone greatly improves the cooling performance of EK-Annihilator.

Sockets supported:
LGA2011v3 Narrow (pre-configured)
LGA2011v3 Standard

Source: EKWB | News Archive

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