EK Introduces New Xylem D5/DDC Powered Water Pump Units

EK Water Blocks has introduced their latest series of high performance Laing D5 and DDC powered water cooling pumps, which are all manufactured and assembled in Europe.


The new lineup includes the EK branded Laing (now Xylem) D5 Vario and DDC 3.25 / 3.2 PWM pump motors. EK’s water pumps now come with factory pre-installed performance enhanced DDC- and D5 water pumps with high performing EK-DDC- & EK-D5 X-TOP volutes, X-RES type pump / reservoir combo units as well as 5.25″ single bay Dual DDC pump / reservoir combo units.


According to EK, with the use of top performing Laing D5 or DDC type motor they have come up with the best computer water cooling pump on the market. Incomparable to others, we can say.
On August 5th EK also introduced its EK-BAY RES Dual DDC Serial lacking pre-installed water pumps as a separate purchase for all existing owners of Laing DDC type series water pumps. For your information this product is compatible only with Laing DDC water pumps.


Additional units including Dual D5 Vario X-TOP are expected to arrive in the upcoming weeks. All products can be purchased through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network.

Source: EK Water Blocks | News Archive