EK Introduces World’s First Water Cooling Solution for NVIDIA Tesla K20

A month ago EK introduced the first water cooling solution for the NVIDIA Quadro K5000, now they are back with the first water cooling solution for NVIDIA’s Tesla K20. These completes the full water cooling solution for NVIDIA’s Maximus Technology. So if you happen to be running a Maximus setup and want the best cooling available EK has it for you. The Tesla K20 block is called the EK-FCTK20 and is a full-coverage block.

ek fctk20

Made for NVIDIA’s K20/K20x series professional cards the water block directly cools the GPU, RAM as well as the VRM. The EK-FCTK20 also features a high flow design so it can be used in a liquid cooling system using a weaker pump. The base is made of C110 grade electrolytic copper while the top is laser cut stainless steel.

The MSRP on the EK-FCTK20 is 119.95€ (incl. VAT) / $155.37 US and is availble for purchase through EK’s webshop.

Source: EK | News Archive

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