EK Releases New Water Block for EVGA Classified Series GeForce GTX 780

EK Water Blocks is a Ljubljana based manufacturer of the best quality gear which provides premium cooling solutions. It has only recently introduced its Full cover water block exclusively for the EVGA classified series of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 graphics cards. The new range of water blocks by EK has been tagged as the EK-FC780 GTX Classy.


The EK-FC780 GTX Classy water block has been designed to provide its maximum benefit from cooling solutions to the most critical areas such as the GPU, RAM and the VRAM as these are the areas which are most affected during computer use. The water block maintains a certain level of water flow through these critical areas. With the cooling system being effective for the GPU, RAM and VRAM, they will stay stable and highly steady even under higher over clocking speeds.


The water block by EK is extremely comfortable for water cooling systems and extends its full support with the high flow design. This is also perfect for use with liquid cooling systems which have weaker water pumps. Moreover, if you are looking for a problem free and easy piping job, using this cooling solution, up to four EK-FC780 GTX Classy series water blocks can be interconnected with EK-FC Terminal. There is only a single variant and it also features a backplate which is priced at 26.38€. The EK-FC770 GTX Classy water block (Acetal+Nickel) is available at a price of 105.95€.

Source: EKWB | News Archive