Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Elric Phares Thrown Out of Motherboards.org

When it comes to running a tech website for many years as I have you occasionally get thrown deals by large media companies. Most of the time they want you to give up your ownership rights to the website you founded and created. It looks like our good friend Elric Phares has learned this the hard way. As of this week he has been more or less fired from motherboards.org and has lost everything that he built for the past 20 years. So how did this happen?

Elric Phares Thrown Out of Motherboards.org

Three years ago Elric signed a contract that made motherboards.org part of the ChannelPro network. In this contract Elric would give up his rights to motherboards.org and they would help develop and grow the website. A contract which usually means more money for both parties involved. Apparently this never happened as the website itself has not been changed and was never developed. To make matters worse Elric noticed some financial irregularities and when he confronted ChannelPro about it they immediately cut off his access to the motherboards.org website and YouTube channel. Elric has made a video talking about what happened, which you can watch below.

It is really sad to see something like this happen. In the business world greed is a horrible thing and if someone took control and kicked me out of ThinkComputers I would be devastated. We wish Elric the best and we hope he can get this all sorted out.

Bob Buskirk
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