Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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EpicGear Announces DeziMator Gaming Keyboard

EpicGear has announced the launch of their latest mechanical keyboard which is the DeziMator. The whole idea of this gaming keyboard is to provide gamers comfort during long hours of game play.

EpicGear DeziMator Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The DeziMator has an arch-like base formed between the wrist-rest and the trapezoid rear base. This creates a rock-solid, yet balanced chassis. The setup tilts the keyboard at a 9 degree angle and a 13 degree angle when the keyboards lets are propped. With the cushioned wrist-rest that will allows users wrists to lay flat without any upward bending to provide a stress free posture.

EpicGear DeziMator Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is a full mechanical keyboard so users will have the option of Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown key switches. The red keys you see on the keyboard are called the “Warzone” keys. These include WASD and numbers 1-6. There are 5 macro keys, which are backlit. There are 10 profiles as well for all of your gaming needs.

Source: EpicGear | News Archive

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