EVGA Releases New GE Series PSUs With Low Power Consumption And Tight Voltage Regulation

The new EVGA GE Series introduces the highly sought-after EVGA ECO Mode to hard-line power supplies, marking a groundbreaking innovation. With remarkable 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, minimal ripple and noise levels, low power consumption, and precise voltage regulation for unwavering stability, GE power supplies provide an unparalleled experience for your PC.

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The GE Series from EVGA is their first non-modular power supply unit to feature the highly-praised EVGA ECO mode, ensuring absolute silence during low to medium loads. The 120 mm fan remains dormant until needed, enabling completely silent operation. Notably, among EVGA’s non-modular power supplies, the GE Series stands out with exceptional efficiency under load, minimal ripple and noise, and improved load regulation compared to its predecessors. It’s a remarkable choice for those seeking top-notch performance and a noise-free computing experience.

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Created with system builders and gamers in mind, the GE Series boasts a Hard-Lined design featuring only the essential cables for easy installation, making it ready to go right out of the box.

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The EVGA GE series offers a range of options to suit different power needs, including 500 W, 600 W, 700 W, and 800 W versions. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the GE Series is $69.99 for the 500 GE, $79.99 for the 600 GE, $89.99 for the 700 GE, and $99.99 for the 800 GE.