EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse Review

Lighting & Software

There are three distinct lighting zones on the X17. You have the EVGA logo on the palm rest, the mouse wheel, and the front section of the mouse. Each of these sections can be controlled individually and look quite good.

EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse

Now the X17 will work without any software, but if you want to do any customization you’ll need to download EVGA’s Unleash Software. Opening the software up you’ll be brought to the first tab which is “General Setting”. Here you can enable sleep mode, toggle angle snapping and angle tune on or off, and set the report or polling rate.

evga x17 ss1

Next we have “DPI”, here we can set the number of Sensitivity Stages and then the DPI for each stage as well as the DPI for the sniper button. You can select a DPI level between 50 and 16000 DPI in 50 DPI increments.

evga x17 ss2

After that is “LOD & Calibration” which allows you to add a surface beyond the “Standard” setting. Once you input a new surface the software will run you through calibration.

evga x17 ss3

“Lighting Effect” of course allows use to configure the lighting on the mouse. Each of the three lighting modes can be configured independently. You can also set the brightness and speed of the selected effect.

evga x17 ss4

The last two tabs are “Key Assignment” and “Macro Editor”. Key Assignment allows you to reprogram all of the buttons on the mouse. You have options of mouse controls, keyboard buttons, multimedia controls, Windows commands, and of course macros. The Macro Editor makes it easy to create and save macros.

evga x17 ss5 evga x17 ss6

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