EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse Review

We mainly know EVGA for their graphics cards, but earlier this year they launched new mice and keyboards. We already took a look at their Z20 Gaming Keyboard and today we are taking a look at their X17 Gaming Mouse. The EVGA X17 Gaming mouse is very interesting as it features three sensors! There is your main mouse sensor, the PixArt 3389, but then you have two lift-off distance (LOD) sensors. These sensors, along with the main sensor use a 3D array tech algorithm to detect the position you lift the mouse off a surface and put the mouse back down, dynamically adjusting the best power-off height to achieve the most accurate gaming possible. Beyond the sensors this mouse features has an actual 8000 Hz polling rate, ten total buttons, a very interesting shape, and five 5g weights to add to the normal 106g.

Special thanks to EVGA for providing us with the X17 Gaming Mouse to review.


evga x17 specs


The EVGA X17 comes in a pretty standard retail box. The front is clear so you can get a good look at the mouse before you buy it. On the back there is a picture of the mouse and it lets us know that it features an 8000 Hz polling rate, has a sniper button, and a triple sensor system.

EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse

Each side of the box loaded with information. On one side you have a list of features and specifications and on the other is more of the features.

EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse

Getting everything out of the box we have the X17 gaming mouse, a small case with our weights in it, and a quick start guide. The mouse comes with five 5g weights, which can take the mouse from its 106g all the way up to 131g. We will show you were you install the weights on the next page.

EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse

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