EVGA Z20 Gaming Keyboard Review

When you think of EVGA keyboards really don’t come to mind at all. When I think of EVGA I think of graphics cards and power supplies. EVGA did release their Z10 keyboard back at the beginning of last year and it seems it is time for a refresh. Today they are launching two new keyboards as well as two new mice. The keyboards are the Z20 and the Z15, we will be taking a look at the Z20. EVGA’s Z20 gaming keyboard is a full-size keyboard featuring Light Strike optical mechanical switches, a 4000 Hz report rate, a ToF proximity sensor, and some pretty awesome RGB lighting. Let’s go ahead and take a look!

Special thanks to EVGA for providing us with the Z20 Gaming Keyboard to review.

Specifications & features

evga z20 specs clicky


The Z20 comes in a very nice retail package. On the front we have a picture of the keyboard in action and it lets us know what switches we have. EVGA offers the Z20 in both linear and clicky Light Strike optical mechanical switches.

EVGA Z20 Gaming Keyboard

Flipping over to the back we have an overview of the keyboard with many of the features highlighted.

EVGA Z20 Gaming Keyboard

Getting everything out of the box we have the Z20 gaming keyboard, a set of extra keycaps, a keycap puller, and a quick start guide.

EVGA Z20 Gaming Keyboard

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