Exotic Cat Breed Guide for Beginners — Sphynx and Scottish Fold

For cat owners and cat owners wanna be, deciding on a breed can be very difficult, even more, if you learn that each breed out there has their own inherited personality traits, as well as advantages and disadvantages when it comes to taking care of them.

Things become even more complicated when we start talking about more exotic cat breeds that are pretty rare to see on a regular basis, so in this article, I’m going to talk about some of the most common exotic breeds you can find, how they interact with their environment and how it is to take care of them. If you want to know more about both exotic and more common cat breeds, you should visit Holista Pet.

The Sphynx Cat — A Hairless Pharaoh

These cats tend to have a bad reputation among non-enthusiasts because of their looks, and let’s be honest, for people who’s not open-minded about looks, they are definitely different from your regular cat. And the first thing you can notice about them is that they are pretty much bald.

But what sets off people it tends to be something else: the wrinkles, or better called, the folded skin that is much more noticeable because of their lack of fur. This, combined with their serious looks and their big ears, tends to scare most the cat newcomers.

But what if I told you that Sphynx cats are very, very friendly and that they are actually really energetic and playful cats? At least in comparison to regular breeds. And believe it or not, they are often very protective of their owners and are one of the best companions for children because of their intelligent and warm attitude.

For people who want loving and playful cats, they are one of the best options, even more considering how they tend to bond with entire families. But there’s a downside to the deal: they require much more care than your regular cat.

Because of their social nature, they are very prompt to something called separation anxiety and might get depressed or anxious if they are left alone, which is the reason why they should have a pet companion to play and interact with.

If you dislike animal hair around your house, they might be a really safe option as well, but believe it or not, they do require constant grooming and at least one batch per week. This is because they don’t have fur that absorbs the sweat, spits from their tongue, and natural oils produced by the skin, so they require special care.

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The Scottish Fold — A Very Cute Feline
cat 2

They are a very sweet combination of British and American short hair, and as pets, can be very easy to deal with. Their main point and the reason people love them so much is their cute baby face and their ears, which are often folded forward.

Their build is also very small, and they are not very athletic and can be described as being very close to the standard stereotype of a cat. With that said, they are very loving and affectionate cats and like to have physical contact with the people they bond with, as well as other animals they like.

They are very prompt in showing affection to kids, but as I mentioned earlier, are not very playful so they might ignore playful approaches and exercise. They are still very intelligent cats, and you might be able to train them to a certain level.

Grooming them on a weekly basis is an important part of taking care of them, as well as brushing their teeth. Because of the nature of their ears, you should also look at them on a daily basis to check their health and look for hints if ear mites.

If you own multiple pets and are scared of owning a cat, a Scottish fold might be a good choice because of their social nature. They tend to be very calm and deal easy with stress and might not require as much attention in comparison to other cats.

Still, they have a common problem when they reach senior age, and that is joint complications, but this is a rather common problem in senior cats and dogs, and you can find multiple ways to deal with it.

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