Expanded Line of DDR4 Shown by Crucial

DDR4 dimms are really starting to populate the market with the launch of X99 motherboards and the anticipated launch of Skylake later in the year. Filling out the middle of their current line up, Crucial has brought two new forms of DDR4 to CES 2015 both using some familiar names.

Featuring some aggressive looking heat spreaders Ballistix Tactical DDR4 offers XMP supported speeds of up to 2666mhz. Not only is this some extremely quick memory, it is also highly responsive peaking at 21.3GB/s through-put. And thanks to those awesome military themed heat spreaders they stay cool under fire.

Ballistix Tactical

Just below the Tactical level but a step ahead of Crucial’s entry level Sport kit comes the Sport LT DDR4 set. Designed for ease of use these dimms will slot in and run at 2400mhz. Intel XMP 2.0 profiles are of course supported and help to make your use that much easier. Equipped with Digital Camo heat spreaders to help keep the chips cool, this memory looks like it will make a strong case to be your lower mid level memory choice.

Ballistix Sport LT

Both dimms will be available in Q1 through Crucial and are being released in 4GB and 8GB sticks.


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