Facebook ads for ecommerce, full guide

Facebook is a powerful tool, which might be used for the promotion of any e-commerce marketing platform. It is a good platform for the placement of various e-commerce ads and the development of your business. It is connected with the fact that social media resources are extremely popular. Moreover, Facebook is a global network, where you may find various categories of the targeted audience and effectively reach them.

Facebook ads & their effective application

The marketers should apply Facebook for the promotion of their product/services even if they just begin their business. There are three reasons for such popularity:

  • bringing more traffic from the users, who are interested in the product
  • providing better brand awareness
  • better targeting of customers on the basis of their behavior, demographic features, interests, etc.

There are a few steps, which might help you build an effective advertising strategy. Let’s observe the useful tips:

  • Create a business manager. One of the mistakes the beginners do is the incorrect creation of an advert account. Besides, there are too many advert options, while marketers get confused with them. Thus, they never finally come to the stage of running an advert campaign. A BM will help control and manage the adverts on the social network as well as various tools, which are helpful in running an advert campaign. For the creation of BM, it is required to follow a link business.facebook.com. On the page, you are to fill in the information about:
    • title of your business
    • the webpage on Facebook (if you created one)
    • your name

After this, it is possible to make an advert account. You are free to add settings and business menu. After linking BM to your FB account, it will look different and you will have advanced options available.

  • Facebook pixel installation. To launch an advert campaign is just the beginning. The key thing is to know whether your adverts work or not. You can see if it brings sales. The FB pixel will work as a medium between your advert account on FB and your site. It’s better to add a tracking before you pay for the adverts. Thus, you’ll see the data concerning the actions of the customers. Besides, you’ll understand the categories of people interested in your service/product and the types of products providing the highest conversion rates.
  • The creation of audiences. In order to reach good results from Facebook ads, it is vital to target your audience in the right way. As the number of users on FB is numerous, it’s vital to apply the audience features to find exactly your audience. Using BM, you can make a list of users to target with the adverts. There are 2 types of targeting available to marketers. They’re prospecting & retargeting. Selecting an audience, you have several categories of information available:
  • the user’s profile
  • site traffic
  • engagement
  • similar audience
  • interests and behavior.
  • The creation of an advert campaign. There are various types of adverts available for the creation of an advert campaign. Such content is usually accompanied by ‘Sponsored’. It means that the marketers paid for the adverts. On FB, you can apply carousels, pictures, and video adverts. When dealing with any campaign, it is vital to think about the advert set. Besides, it is required to choose an objective of the whole campaign. The aims might be various including awareness building, higher conversion rates, etc. There are other details concerning your campaign available. They are traffic, views, likes, and others.
  • Setting up the Advert Sets. This stage comes after you select a goal. Here you continue making settings to the advert campaign. You’re to decide the following things:
  • target audience
  • budget available
  • placement of the adverts within the network.

Calculating a budget, think about how much you’re really ready to spend, the price of your service/product, your objectives, and an average user acquisition cost. As for the audience, it’s vital to think about the location you are interested in, gender & age of people, language, and other possible features.

  • Selection of an advert. Remember that Facebook possesses its own best practices for creatives, which provide the highest conversion. You’ll be also able to select whether to place it on FB or on Instagram as well.

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