Facebook “Like” Button added to all Posts

Here at ThinkComputers we really try to incorporate things into the site that will make the user experience better. Social media and social networks are a big part of the internet and we try to make them a part of the site. Since launching the new WordPress-based site last year we have many social media improvements to the site. We have links to our Twitter account all over the site, we use the Tweetmeme plugin, and you can comment on posts with your Twitter or Facebook logins. If you have noticed over the past few days there is a small Facebook “Like” button on all of the posts…

like button

Facebook has to be one of the most popular social networks out there. One thing that I always liked about Facebook was the ability to “Like” your friends posts. Well Facebook has a cool developers section where you can add things to make Facebook part of your existing website. We decided to go with the “Like” button, it is very simple and benefits both the users and us.

On the top menu of each one of our posts you will see the Facebook Like button. If you are already logged in to Facebook then when you click the button it will automatically like the post and it will show up on your Facebook wall. If you are not logged in a window will pop up and just login with your Facebook credentials and you will be good to go!

I hope everyone likes the new features and make sure you “Like” our page on Facebook!

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